Andrew Edlin

Broker Associate / Sales


Andrew Edlin was born in Brighton, England. His formal education was completed at Oxford University, where he won an entrance scholarship in Modern History, but graduated with a degree in Experimental Psychology and Philosophy. His varied work experience has included postman, milkman, forklift driver (fired!), car parts clerk, pension consultant, crude oil broker, promotional gift salesman, actor, and real estate agent/broker. Theatre has been a continuing theme in Andrew's life - his grandfather was a professional actor - and many people know him for performing his one-man play Churchill over the last 25 years, which he also wrote. He has performed about 30 roles on stage, including the king in King Lear, which he also produced and co-directed. In 1991 Andrew emigrated to the USA with his wife Lee and their two young children Holly and Zachary, and traveled in an RV for 9 months, before settling in Fairfield, Iowa. Lee died from breast cancer in 2000. Andrew married teacher and performer Tena Nelson in 2014. Andrew and Tena now have 2 wonderful granddaughters.

Fun Facts about Andrew Edlin!

  • The best part of waking up is? Being alive.
  • What was your favorite food when you were a child? Cheese.
  • What is one of your favorite quotes? All animals are equal, some animals are more equal than others.
  • What chore do you absolutely hate doing? Taxes.
  • What is your favorite form of exercise? Walking.
  • What is your favorite time of day/day of week/month of the year? Late summer evening.
  • What sound do you love? The sea.
  • What celebrity do you get mistaken for? Winston Churchill.
  • What do you want to be when you grow up? Thinner.
  • When you have 30 minutes of free-time, how do you pass the time? Read.


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